Uralla Shire Residents Survey: Our Cultural Assets

Uralla, my home town,

And I'm a happy fella.

My heart's'a thumpin',

Kangaroos are jumpin',

Shockas on the old ute - bump bump bumpin'.

Amazing, sheep grazing,

Snuggle up in winter time with wood fire blazing»

(Sung at a Uralla Community Meeting on Council Amalgamation, 2010)

From July to October 2010 residents of Uralla Shire were invited to fill in a questionnaire about the local cultural assets they value. Their responses will be used to map and better understand unique local arts and cultural industries in the Shire.

For further information about this research contact Lisa Andersen, University of Technology, Sydney, on 02 9514 2902.

What cultural asset of Uralla Shire is most important? Map of survey responses.

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