This section is for research and projects CAMRA is engaged with that go beyond the project regions.

CAMRA researcher and PhD candidate graduatesDr Chris Brennan-Horley with Chris Gibson

Congratulations to Dr Chris Brennan-Horley from the University of Wollongong for completing his PhD, which was developed from his work on the ARC linkage grant, 'Creative Tropical City: Mapping Darwin's creative industries'.

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LGSA: NSW Councils' Arts and Culture Network

The Local Government and Shires Associations of NSW (LGSA) have signed the Fourth Cultural Accord with Arts NSW, which outlines the principles of Local Government Arts and Cultural practice.s.

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Outhouse features at NSW Indigenous cultural summit

OuthouseMuseums & Galleries NSW will re-use the Outhouse Storycatcher as research tool in a rare opportunity to collect ideas from Indigenous cultural leaders during at its statewide summit on Indigenous culture and heritage planning in NSW. 

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CityTraces: mapping social movement in cities

A research initiative of CAMRA researcher Dr Chris Brennan-Horley, CityTraces is a platform for experimental projects that use spatial mapping technologies like GPS smartphones to generate new ways of seeing Australian cities through everyday and social activity of residents.

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Putting Poverty in the Museum

Can museums and public galleries be agents for inclusive development? This was the topic of a seminar with UNESCO's Vanessa Kredler at UTS in January 2011 and now an ongoing discussion in the culturemap community.

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Art in Prisons Report

This review, commissioned by Arts Access Australia, examines evidence for the value of visual arts programs in Australian prisons and their impact on adult inmates.

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Surfboard Shaping and the Custom Surfboard Industry

Surfboard creationDespite surfing being a multibillion dollar per year industry, with more than two million surfers in Australia alone, little attention has focused on the artists who create unique boards by hand-shaping them.

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Small Towns, Big Arts

Cootamundra  Arts Centre, NSWResearch on the role of arts centres in the towns and villages of rural NSW with populations of less than 15,000 focused on creative practices such as visual arts and crafts, physical theatre, community arts programs, design, retail and more.