CAMRA researchers share expertise at international conference

CAMRA researchers Chris Gibson, Andrew Warren and Chris Brennan-Horley from the University of Wollongong attended the annual Association of American Geographers (AAG) meeting in Chicago in April 2011.

They each presented papers based on their research into creativity and cultural mapping to more than 5,000 delegates.

Chris Gibson's paper: 'Academics as expert intermediaries in the creative economy: negotiating knowledges and positions of authority' formed part of a session on Cultural intermediaries in the creative economy. Chris discussed the CAMRA project's partnership-based approach to developing research methodologies.

Andrew Warren's paper 'Local makers, Global markets: The decline of artisan production in the surfboard industry' examined the vernacular practice of surfboard shaping, in two countries, as an example of cultural-economic research in geography.

Chris Brennan-Horley spoke in detail about the Viva la Gong mental mapping exercise, and how the resulting topological maps could be used to aid cultural planning in the Wollongong region in his paper 'Links and folds: Topology, creativity and cultural mapping' (co-authored by Chris Gibson and Andrew Warren).

Following his presentation at the AAG conference , Chris Brennan-Horley travelled to Edmonton, Canada where he was a guest speaker for the city's Regional Planning Speakers Series Event, hosted by the City Region Studies Centre, University of Alberta.

His lecture was titled 'Where is creativity in the city? Understanding the creative city through new digital mapping technologies'. In it he gave a run-down of methods and techniques used to map creative industries and activities from Australian case studies, including the CAMRA mapping exercise at the Viva La Gong festival.

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