CityTraces: mapping social movement in our cities

In the age of satellite navigation and Google Maps we have the opportunity to show that our cities are as much about everyday events and social life as they are about buildings and streets. Maps showing these social movements can be used by urban planners and designers to better understand the workings of cities as social spaces of movement and interaction.

CityTraces test 3DCityTraces is a research initiative of CAMRA researcher Dr Chris Brennan-Horley, a geographer from the University of Wollongong

CityTraces is a collaborative platform for ongoing experimental projects that use spatial mapping technologies like GPS smartphones to generate new ways of seeing Australian cities.

The project was launched at Victoria's State of Design Festival In July 2011 with a collaborative mapping activity where festival-goers map their day as they explore festival sites in and around Melbourne.A Citytraces iphone app gathers data while volunteer participants (who have downloaded the app before arriving) run it while enjoying the festival.

Different map visualisations will be be promoted through the CityTraces website and this website in the coming months

Get involved if you're interested in how digital mapping techniques can be used to provoke new ways of visualising your city.

Follow CityTraces on Facebook or contact Chris Brennan-Horley for more information.

Image: Test 3D map for the 2011 State of Design Festival.