Where are 'Cool' and 'Creative' Wollongong?


For the CAMRA research in Wollongong - headed by Professor Chris Gibson - a mix of conventional and Web 2.0 mapping techniques are being used.

Hard-copy maps were used as the basis of a community cultural mapping exercise conducted at Wollongong's largest annual festival, Viva La Gong, in November 2009.

In the lead up to the festival, local people were invited to take part in the research through postcards in local cafes and on local television, radio and newspapers. 

At the Festival, people were asked to use a map of the local region to answer two questions: 'Where is cool Wollongong?' and 'Where is creative Wollongong?'.

The 'pop culture' format of the questions was combined with a mapping methodology in the hope of revealing local cultural activities, feeling and preferences - and in doing so, enable a larger picture to emerge of cultural planning needs and alternatives for Wollongong.