NSW Councils - Arts and Culture Network

The Local Government and Shires Associations of NSW (LGSA) have signed the Fourth Cultural Accord with Arts NSW, which outlines the principles of Local Government Arts and Cultural practice.

LGSA's Project Manager for Arts and Culture Chloe Beevers has set up an interest group on the Culturemap site to assist her to work with the Councils to implement the five key objectives contained in the Fourth Cultural Accord between Arts NSW and the LGSA:

- Identify the status of existing arts and cultural infrastructure across NSW and approaches to meeting future needs, including possible principles for future development of arts and cultural infrastructure. (eg: galleries, performing arts centres, museums, libraries, halls, public art)

- Engage with councils and other organisations to encourage the development of local capacity, and councils' facilitation of connections between local arts and cultural groups.

- Encourage councils to explore local initiatives to provide artist studios and residency programs, develop creative enterprise hubs and support local creative industries.

- Provide Aboriginal people with greater opportunities to participate in, share and strengthen their culture through arts practice, and develop careers and businesses in the arts and cultural sector.

- Encourage the incorporation of provisions for local arts and cultural development into councils' Community Strategic Plans.

The interest group aims to act as a forum for the arts and cultural staff of Councils in NSW to:

  • Exchange ideas and information
  • Collaborate on opportunities
  • Identify challenges and ways forward
  • Give and receive peer support for local arts and cultural challenges
  • Have a voice in discussing cultural policy and planning

The New South Wales Local Government Cultural Awards celebrate council cultural success. Visit the website to peruse all nominated and winning projects for 2011.

Visit the NSW Councils Arts and Culture interest group.