Putting Poverty in the Museum

Culture has become a more important consideration in the field of international development and 'development' no longer only refers to the alleviation of income poverty. Human development is 'a process of enhancing human capabilities - to expand choices and opportunities so that each person can lead a life of respect and value' (United Nations Human Development Report 2000). This means that people must be able to nurture other capabilities, including cultural ones.

Armidale & Uralla: A Cultural Profile

Two typical 'New England' towns The city of Armidale and the small town of Uralla just 23km to its south, are typical New England towns. Situated in the high country on the Northern Tablelands, roughly halfway between Sydney and Brisbane on the New England Highway, both are characterised by their cool, temperate climate and enjoy four 'real' seasons: a short blast of winter with fog, frosts and occasional snowfalls, and hot summers blessed with evening thunderstorms and cool nights.

Survey on Arts Centres in Rural NSW Towns

If you have a leadership role in a public or private arts venue located in a community with a population of less than 16,000, CAMRA researchers would like you to complete an online questionnaire. The survey will be available until mid-May.

Latest Research

CAMRA: A year in review (2011)

2011 saw a range of achievements resulting from the CAMRA project, including successful research outcomes, academic papers, books, book chapters and conference presentations.


CAMRA researcher and PhD candidate graduates

Chris Brennan-Horley (left) with academic supervisor Chris Gibson

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Discover new sources and learn more about issues of relevance to cultural asset mapping in regional Australia.

Each month the site will feature a selection of resources chosen by one of the Chief Investigators or the Senior Research Manager of the project and there is also section for resources identified and tagged as highly relevant by the CAMRA network as part of their secondary research, listed by category.

Research updates

30 June 2009

CAMRA: The 'facebook' of cultural planning a unique innovation in research

CAMRA - Cultural Asset Mapping for Planning & Development in Regional Australia - is a $2.5 million, five-year Australian Research Council funded project that aims to provide planners, policy-makers and communities with the information they need to effectively integrate the development of the arts sector and cultural industires in planning for the future.


The resources listed here by categories were identified by the CAMRA Research Team. We hope they are useful to you.


CAMRA pays close attention to the specific cultural characteristics and potentials of four particular regions of non-metropolitan Australia.

The project is very 'site-specific' in its focus therefore. Even so, there is also a general, nationwide relevance to the research.

We have chosen the regions so that the knowledge gained from studying them can be easily transposed to similar types of regions around Australia.

For example, we study:

Mapping Culture in the Wollongong region

Location MapMural
Left: Wollongong Location Map. Right: The indigenous graffiti wall at Wollongong Youth Centre (photo: Andrew Warren)

A mix of geographic techniques are being used to map Wollongong's social and cultural life.

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